Catch Some Much-Needed Zzzz’s With Sleep Remedies That Work


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Getting a good night’s sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining good health and a positive well being, but it is also something that millions of people struggle with each night. If this has become a problem for you, it is worth it to make a concerted effort at attaining more and better rest. Benefits can include an improved mental state, an increase in energy, an immune system that functions optimally, and much more. Here are some proven methods for helping you achieve a full night’s rest.

Create a Tranquil Setting

The place where you sleep should be ideally arranged in order to facilitate good rest, however too many people’s bedrooms are cluttered environments that end up revving you up when you should be powering down. In order to induce restfulness:

  • Make sure it is dark: If the bedroom gets a lot of light, take steps to change this. These could include wearing an eyeshade and/or installing room-darkening window coverings.
  • Invest in a quality mattress: Instead of buying the cheapest surface to sleep on, put money towards a topnotch product. After all, 1/3 of your life is spent here, so it is worth it to make sure that this time is spent comfortably.
  • Check the temperature: If the room is under 54 F or above 72 F, it can disrupt slumber. Consider installing a fan or heater to correct the conditions.

Practice Some Gentle Yoga

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To assist muscles in the goal of unwinding before bedtime, do a few simple yoga moves. These could include arm and back stretches, shoulder and/or neck rolls, and other similar exercises. Be careful not to raise your heart rate, which could have the opposite effect of relaxation and interfere with sleep.

Savor a Bedtime Snack

Another way to encourage a satisfying trip to dreamland is to consume something small that is designed for this specific purpose. You could try the old standby of a glass of warm milk, or munch on something that combines carbohydrates and protein (such as peanut butter with half a banana or some cheese and crackers). The ideal timing for this is about 30 minutes before you intend on sleeping.


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