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Hi, I’m Jesse, when I was in my 30’s and 40’s I hardly got 4 hours of sleep each night. Some nights it was a bit longer, but mostly I couldn’t sleep. My co-workers knew that I needed to take naps from time to time and they understood my dilemma. For years, I felt like I had read everything, done all the tricks, talked to all the doctors, and yet I was still awake.

Plus, what made things worse and only amplified my inability to sleep was my anxiety. I was anxious all the time, worried that I was going to fall asleep in meetings, afraid I was going to fall asleep with my head on my keyboard, scared that I was going to lose my job because of my constant fatigue. It wasn’t just insomnia that was getting to me; it was that coupled with my anxiety.

Then, I tried meditation in 2005! That helped! It was the first thing that I tried that finally gave me a sense of my mind slowing down. You see, that’s what kept me up all night. My mind wouldn’t shut off! I would lie down but my brain was still standing straight up – thinking about what I needed to do at work, wondering about how my children were getting along, frantic about how I was going to get everything done in a short 8 hours that I am at work.

But meditation helped me create a bit of space in between my thoughts. Meditation created a feeling in me where I could let go of those fears, at least when I was ready to go to sleep.

But it all started up again when my son Jonathan began to suffer from insomnia too! Two years ago, at the age of 20, he too couldn’t sleep because of worries about college, career, family, and finances. When he told me his story, it was as though I was hearing my own life played back again.

So, I created this site to find answers, give answers, and create a community of people who can help one another with insomnia, anxiety, and parenting. It’s a health guide mostly on the physical and mental illnesses that grab us and pull us off course. You might see an article or two on meditation here because it’s been useful in my own life. But on the whole, this site was created to provide information for parents and their children looking to find answers for their psychological and physical ailments. I hope what you find here is helpful!

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