6 Ways to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life


If you are struggling to get to sleep at night or to stay asleep, chances are your lifestyle is to blame. Here are six ways you can beat insomnia in its tracks to wake up well and rested each morning.

  1. Improve Your Diet

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Avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol right before you go to bed. Ingesting these substances before you attempt to go to sleep is likely to result in digestive issues that will increase your discomfort, making it harder for you to rest well at night.  

  1. Get Active

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  A body that is out of shape is not one that is capable of functioning properly. As a result, activities such as sleeping become troublesome and harder to accomplish. Start exercising and becoming more active during the day when your energy levels are at their highest, and you will find that sleep comes much easier at night.  

  1. Reduce Caffeine Intake

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  Although you may be a regular coffee drinker, ingesting caffeine laced products all throughout the day can make it harder for you to sleep at night. If you are not able to eliminate caffeine from your diet completely, cut back on it and avoid drinking any caffeine containing beverages at least two hours before bedtime.  

  1. Bath Time

  Sometimes it is virtually impossible to fall asleep after a long and stressful day. Right before you go to bed, take a warm bath. Add some bubbles or Epsom salt to the water to help soothe and relax your muscles. Light a lavender scented candle to relax your mind to help prepare you for bed.  

  1. Lower the Temperature

  It is much harder for you to fall asleep and stay that way if you are too warm or hot. Turn down the temperature on your thermostat so that it is between 66 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit to make your bedroom much cooler for your body to relax in.

  1. White Noise

Keep a fan on in your room at night or purchase a white noise machine to provide soothing sounds to help you to fall asleep. The noise from the fan or white noise machine works great to block out the distracting noises, thus improving your chances for sleep.

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